During low-tides, you can walk as far as the eyes can see in the sparkling crystal clear waters. On a bright, sunny day, the lagoon sparkles invitingly. The soft beaches give way for the perfect spot for sunbathing and relaxing.

Locals of the island are friendly and will go out of their way to help you. Early mornings at Thulusdhoo will see women heading out to run errands, some to work, while men do the same. Children run to school, or ride bicycles laughing and racing each other. With the use of vehicles limited on the island, the danger of a road accident is rarely an issue. Island proves to have a safe welcoming home for everyone.

Holidays are extra special on the island. Marking a celebration like Eid, or the end-of-school holidays are heard from afar. Loud, boisterous laughter, and children running straight to the beach, and the adults lounging lazily on the ‘joali’ – a hand-woven lounge chair, made of coir rope – catching up and having a relaxed time. Rainy days too, are no different with children running around splashing in the puddles of water, climbing trees, and enjoying life. The sights are quite different to what you would see in the city, where the child often does not get to enjoy and play around in a free environment.